Thursday, January 15, 2009

A place to keep digital things forever

I noticed a new Neternity the other day. This one is a nEternity not a Neternity.

I've used Neternity as this blog's name for a few years as a play on the words Network and Eternity. A website/blog being a place to keep things for eternity. This for personal use, friends, colleagues, business and family. I also use as the domain name for non-employer related web stuff including email. I host an exchange server under this domain (I don't worry about disclosing this, the spammers have already found it). Also, I use Neternity as my name, identity, handle, moniker, alias etc on the various places on the net that I frequent. You'll find me as Neternity all over the net except for YouTube cause someone else got there first as Neternity.

There has been a and a for a while and now we have a Welcome to the party !! We even have a Neternity hardware device in the party too. Even though it's not virtual, we welcome it to play nonetheless.

So what is all about ? Please read on, their own words explain it much better than I could:

I thought interesting, let's give it a spin.

Did the sign-up thing, got the welcome email (don't get excited, I did a password reset, 23skidoo isn't the current one anymore).

Did the confirmation and got the activation.

Now neternity is it's manay forms is eternal on

Except I can't get in to eternalize all things neternity.
I know it's beta but there's no support area.
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A place to keep digital things forever

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