Thursday, January 15, 2009

A place to keep digital things forever

I noticed a new Neternity the other day. This one is a nEternity not a Neternity.

I've used Neternity as this blog's name for a few years as a play on the words Network and Eternity. A website/blog being a place to keep things for eternity. This for personal use, friends, colleagues, business and family. I also use as the domain name for non-employer related web stuff including email. I host an exchange server under this domain (I don't worry about disclosing this, the spammers have already found it). Also, I use Neternity as my name, identity, handle, moniker, alias etc on the various places on the net that I frequent. You'll find me as Neternity all over the net except for YouTube cause someone else got there first as Neternity.

There has been a and a for a while and now we have a Welcome to the party !! We even have a Neternity hardware device in the party too. Even though it's not virtual, we welcome it to play nonetheless.

So what is all about ? Please read on, their own words explain it much better than I could:

I thought interesting, let's give it a spin.

Did the sign-up thing, got the welcome email (don't get excited, I did a password reset, 23skidoo isn't the current one anymore).

Did the confirmation and got the activation.

Now neternity is it's manay forms is eternal on

Except I can't get in to eternalize all things neternity.
I know it's beta but there's no support area.
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  1. Hi Ross

    Thanks for taking the time and making the effort above. Appreciate the welcoming message.

    Sorry you had trouble signing in. I did check and the system shows you had validated your email address (which is usually the problem when new users sign up and don't validate).

    Did you try the Forgot the Password link, which we had recently installed. I will check with the team to see what the problem was. I will also send you a message on twitter so that you can message me directly with problems and suggestions.

    We do have a mechanism to send us a support request, but your comment above shows having it on the FAQ page is not intuitive enough. We will improve that and make it more accessible. We just wanted to avoid having a simple email address link in plain sight as all the spammers in the world then use such addresses for email blasts and other nasty tricks.

    Thanks again for your support.


    Imran Anwar

  2. Now I have a new toy to play with.

    Stay tuned .....

  3. oh yes,

    txs Imran for paying attention & for the info