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Ingenious owner saves Rare Porsche from flood with floating parking spot -

Ingenious owner saves Rare Porsche from flood with floating parking spot

by GM will bring,
May 4th 2011 2:00 PM

Matt HardigreeThe owner of what appears to be a rare 964 Porsche 911 saved his car from the floodwaters encroaching his or her property near Louisville, Kentucky with the help of what looks like an inflatable cushion tethered to the house.Update!

April's severe weather wasn't limited to just tornadoes as flooding occurred across large swaths of the country, including in Kentucky along the Ohio River. Given the height of the property above the river, this landowner seems to recognize the threat of flooding. But what of the car?

With a garage on the floor level it looks like this owner went the extra step to make certain his/her pride and joy wasn't destroyed using an inflatable raft tied to the corner of the house (presumably so the 911 doesn't float in the wrong hands).

Exactly what 964 is worth this kind of treatment? Hard to tell from this one aerial shot, but the widebody kit and overall look indicates it could be one of the Porsche America Roadsters, of which only 250 were made. Even if it wasn't, only 702 C2 turbo-look roadsters were ever built.

If anyone knows who owns this car please let us know what it is or if it survived the cresting of the river.

UPDATE: Commenter Estaboga used his Google Earth skills and some information from friends to find the house and points out why the flotation might have been necessary:

I spoke to one of my co-workers who has seen the house firsthand, and he said it sits up a lot higher than what it looks like in the Google Earth image. So one can surmise that the access road through the marina got flooded before he could get the Fly Yellow Cab out, so enter the flotations devices. Well played sir, well played.

Well played, indeed. Another reader also points out that the device in question is an inflatable boat lift. Probably built by Air Dock.

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