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Kindergarteners in Maine Get iPad 2s | iPhone Alley

Kindergarteners in Maine Get iPad 2s

iphonealley.com | Apr 10th 2011 4:59 PM

Like every other Apple fan boy out there, Maine’s Auburn County School District agrees that the iPad is truly wonderful. That’s why they’ve bought every Kindergartener a brand new, shiny iPad 2 for academical purposes. Man, it would be awesome to be five again – of of course to live in Auburn County, Maine.

Apparently, according to school Superintendent, Tom Morrill, the overhaul will cost the system about $200,000 this coming fall when each of the expected students gets their hands on the powerful, $500 Apple machine. The iPads will aid the students with basic educational purposes – alphabet, numbers, etc. They will be able to take the iPads home after school.

Seems Maine is a pretty Apple savvy state, considering that they also equipped each Middle Schooler with MacBooks starting in 2009. No need to say how crazy, yet awesome that is for the students on the receiving end!

See the video below for details regarding the iPad 2s:

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