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Tablet Usage Cannibalizes on TV, According to Google Survey

Tablet Usage Cannibalizes on TV, According to Google Survey

by Gianluigi Cuccureddu, appmarket.tv
April 11th 2011

A new survey from Google Mobile looked to find out just how popular tablets were up against more traditional forms of computing and entertainment. The iPad is disrupting the TV experience too.


77% of those surveyed said their PC use dropped after they got their dream tablet, while 43% of that 77% said that their tablet has replaced their desktop and laptop computers as the device they use the most. For the television portion, over a third of those polled said they use their tablet more than they watch TV.

Additionally, 28% of those polled in the survey said the humble tablet was their “primary computer” and a staggering 84% said they used their tablet as a game-playing device.

Additional findings:

• With tablets, "mobile device" seems to mean one that can be carried from the kitchen to the den to the bedroom; 82 percent of participants said they use their slates at home. Only 11 percent said they use them on the go, while the at-work category was chosen by just 7 percent. Also, people seem to be using their tablets more at night (62 percent) and during the week (69 percent). Well more than half of the participants--68 percent--said they spend at least an hour a day communing with their slates (38 percent said more than two hours).

• A tablet was the primary computer for 28 percent of survey participants.

• When asked to "select all the ways you use your tablet," 84 percent of respondents ticked the "playing games" option. That was followed by searching for information (78 percent), e-mailing (74 percent), reading news (61 percent), social-networking (56 percent), checking out music and videos (51 percent), e-booking (46 percent), and shopping online (42 percent). The "other" category was ticked by 19 percent of those who participated.

• In the "print is dead" department, 59 percent of respondents said they use their tablets more than they read conventional, paper-based books. And in the "tablets killed the radio star" category, 52 percent said they surf their slate more often than they turn their dial.

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