Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Article: Got an Old Computer? Jolicloud OS Can Now Make it a Zippy Cloud Machine

Got an Old Computer? Jolicloud OS Can Now Make it a Zippy Cloud Machine


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Jolicloud, the Operating System that primarily serves netbooks, today expanded its support to include computers as many as 10 years old. If you’ve got an old desktop computer with as little as 348MB of RAM, it could be fun and useful again with the help of Jolicloud.

This is possible, of course, because Jolicloud relies on so many online services for performing functions that other computers would perform locally. This fast-loading, lightweight OS was built by the creator of popular online startpage Netvibes and has its own App Center with 700 different apps in it. Could it bring increased (cloud) computing power to a greater number of people than had been able to afford modern computing experiences before? It very well could.

Last Spring, Jolicloud switched from using Mozilla code as its foundation to using Google Chrome. We reviewed the 1.0 release last July.

Below, contemporary computing on an antiquated machine.

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