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EA products

EA products | Jan 2nd 2011 1:45 PM
The IT Architecture & Strategy Framework (ITAASF) is a proprietary framework available to our customers in the following manners:
  • ITAASF methodology (planned for 2011-Q2)
  • ITAASF course (where the framework is explained including the key persistent EA products)
  • ITAASF as a Casewise model/extension (which supports the creation and maintenance of all EA artefacts produced by an enterprise architecture group, it is currently being built and planned for 2011-Q2)
The following image represents the ITAAS Framework with some key persistent EA products and EA offerings. The EA products are artefacts that should be maintained continuously in order to be available when there is an EA demand. We like to see enterprise architecture groups been structured as EA Practices and consequently the EA Practice maintain an EA Services/Products Offerings available to its business customers.

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