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Bullitt Doesn’t Look So Slick On Google Maps

Bullitt Doesn’t Look So Slick On Google Maps

by Keith Barry,
August 27th 2009

While playing around with Google Maps, we discovered that a user posted a map detailing the exact route of the legendary Bullitt chase scene. Reenact it if you dare: there are nine unique segments of squealing tires and crunched fenders spread out across San Francisco.

Anyone familiar with the streets of San Francisco can tell that the true genius behind the chase scene took place in the editing room, where two weeks worth of disparate footage was spliced into what appeared to be one continuous chase across the city that’s home to

Locations were painstakingly documented almost ten years ago by Ray Smith on a website that’s required reading in Bullittology 101. If you want to trace those routes in real time, you can watch the Seero video with GPS overlay we told you about last year, but we think that the map better demonstrates just how much work went into filming what’s arguably the greatest chase scene in history.

If 1970s musclecars aren’t your thing, the same user also posted a Risky Business map detailing Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay’s exploits in a gold Porsche 928. Check out both maps after the jump.

Photo of Ford’s replica of the highland green 1968 Mustang used in the film Bullitt tooling around San Francisco: Ford

Maps: Google Maps/mthaeg

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