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Business Capability Map for Enterprise Information Management

by Syed Suhail Ahmad,
February 13th 2011 11:23 PM

Business capability map can assist CIOs' to improve the strategic dialogue between business and IT planners & align investment. CIOs' can also use this map to create a capability map of  IT as well, i.e capability map for IT service delivery or Enterprise Information Management. Provided below is an example of Enterprise Information Management capability (EIM) map.

At a high level, capabilities for EIM can be broadly organized into 5 following capability categories:

  1. Architecture & Information Governance - Covers data/information architecture, information management strategy and information governance type capabilities 
  2. Enterprise Data Management - Covers data modeling, data quality, data integration and migration type capabilities
  3. Information Asset Management - Covers capabilities to manage information as an asset such as data/information life cycle management capability, information security and data classification capability, information taxonomy and cataloging & information discovery capability etc
  4. Enterprise Content Management - Covers capabilities related to management aspect of content such as content creation, content management, content collaboration and deliver etc
  5. Business Intelligence & Analytics - Covers capabilities of analysis, presentation and  delivery of information to the user.  

From these 5 top level capabilities map, we can derive next level capability heat map. For example, data life cycle management capabilities within Information Asset Management can be organized in the following map.

After developing a capability map like above, capability attributes such as processes, current issues with the capability, capability owner & customers, capability SLAs, capability information requirements etc can be further captured.

This type map would definitely assit  IT to improve communication with their business counterparts.

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