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DIY - Homemade Speedlite Snoot

DIY - Homemade Speedlite "Snoot" | Aug 31st 2007

This guest post was written by Leann Wrightsman, a photo DIY-er extraordinaire. This snoot making article has one of the best effort to result ratio. You usually use a snoot when you want only a small part of a scenario lighten, while keeping the rest of the scenario light free see the picture at the end of this article.

In this article Leann Wrightsman will show you how to make a "Snoot" for your speedlight flash with easy to find items you may even have around the house!

First, get the stuff you need- Get gaffer's tape and foam paper. Look in the craft supply area of Hobby Lobby or Michaels to find the foam paper, and if you have friends at the local theater (plays not movies) you can often get a bit of Gaffers tape at no charge. Else, check with a camera shop that carries lighting supplies.

Then make the first incision and "stitch" - Cut the foam board so the "long" side will fir around your flash; then Place the gaffer's tape smoothly along the short end of the foam paper.

Now tube it - Make a tube out of the foam paper, butt the ends of the foam paper together firmly for a nice even join.

Snoot it - Put it on your speedlight and call it a snoot! The snoot should fit snugly on the end of the speedlight.

Enjoy it - You'll be able to get a nice narrow light pattern, customizable by squeezing the snoot.

If you are in to snoots, checkout Rui M Leal's lighting mods blog. He has some great snoots here, here and here. No wonder he made it into my fav list.

The article was first published in Instructible's group. right here. This group in general and Leann Wrightsman in particular has some very cool projects to offer check them out.

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