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Parents & Kids |

Parents & Kids

by Larry Magi,
December 16th 2009

Online Resources for Parents, Educators, and Kids

For Children

  • Let Me Know (LMK): Life Online is a new interactive webpage for teens from Girl Scouts and Windows offering excellent pages on Privacy, Mobile Devices, Social Networking, Cybersecurity and more. Check into Girls Speak Up for articles on current privacy issues written by the site’s teen editors.
  • The FTC offers You Are Here, a virtual mall webpage designed for kids from 5th grade to 8th grade and parents and educators.  Visitors can play games, design ads, chat with customers and store owners, and learn key consumer concepts, such as how advertising affects you, how you benefit when businesses compete, how (and why) to protect your information, and how to spot scams. Make sure to Visit the Security Plaza to learn about protecting your privacy (online and off), and protect the citizens of Earth against identity-stealing invaders.
  • Netsmartz offers NetSmartzKids with activities perfect for younger children.

For Parents

  • Check out “Facebook Privacy Settings: What Parents Need to Know” recently offered by Common Sense Media.  CSM provides an instructional video for parents with a supporting article, explaining that “you can help your kids protect their privacy by making sure they use their privacy settings. Every time Facebook introduces new privacy controls, you’ll need to update your settings”.

Take time to explore the many educational materials offered by Common Sense Media: A video directed to parents about teens’ privacy online; Tips for Protecting Personal Privacy Online; a video that teaches parents how to create a Facebook page and learn more about social networking; information and helpful videos about kids at every developmental stage from pre-K through high school, addressing the many ways kids are interacting and sharing information online; and materials and resources categorized by topic, including social networking and virtual worlds, consumerism, and mobile and communicating, among others.

For Educators and Parents

  • Microsoft offers a Security Powerpoint Presentation with an accompanying script to enable presentations about important privacy and security issues.  Review Protect: Your Computer, Your Family and Yourself for guidance on how to protect your privacy.  Microsoft also provides a guide to consumer education, a poster, and the materials that will help you organize and conduct an online privacy and safety event for consumers.  The guide contains an overview of online safety for individuals and families who use computers and other devices that connect to the Web, and it is designed for concerned parents, community members, staff members of government representatives, companies and non-governmental organizations. The guide also contains modules for parents’ nights, school assemblies, internet safety fairs, community online safety seminars and more.

Informative Articles and Reports

Other Helpful Web Resources

Many of the resources available online for parents and children focus on internet safety as opposed to data privacy.  However, best privacy practices enhance safety, and privacy issues are addressed at many of these sites as well.

Focusing on Safety

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