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Useful Social Media Blog

Useful Social Media Blog

usefulsocialmedia.com | Mar 8th 2011

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Useful Social Media Blog

Investigating corporate social media use

Hi everyone,

Great to send out our weekly collection of stories that made us stop and think. Companies are pushing boundaries through social media all over the world so check out the stories below to see how and where. Oh, and we just had to include some magic info on the Old Spice Guy advert, it’s an old favourite of ours. Enjoy!

Very cool campaign for VW Fox model in Brazil

Using a clever little combination of Twitter, Google maps and physical locations Volkwagen show us how to get social media creating a buzz for your product. They promoted the ‘Fox’ car model in Brazil via a treasure hunt fuelled by Tweets and incentivised by free tickets to the hippest gig in town – the Planeta Terra festival. The virtual world changed to the real world and young people everywhere got what they wanted using a medium they already know. Genius. Not following? Check out the video.

Jaguar Land Rover in the Middle East

It is always interesting to see how companies are rolling out social media campaigns in different markets across the world. Here we have Jaguar Land Rover doing it in the Middle East and North Africa. By setting up a social media “suite” new and present customers are able to log on and interact driving awareness of brands and different models via blogs for each individual vehicle. A canny move from Jaguar Land Rover who can now tap into the estimated 15million Facebook users in the region. Click here to see more.

Olympics goes viral with mascots

How to get the word out to a global audience about a global event. With only 511 days to go until the London Olympic Games 2012, the organisers needed a media push quick. Using a nifty design feature on the website consumers are now able to design their own version of the 2012 mascots and then share it on Facebook and Twitter. To get involved see here. Not sure about the accompanying video though, unless you like cartoons of course…

Facebook E-Commerce Tips for Brands

This is a great article for anyone wanting to really make use of E-Commerce via social networking. Four tips on planning, using, monitoring and progressing your strategy to get the most out of what is on offer for your company. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes with the Old Spice guy

“Well hello ladies…” ah the  dulcet tones of the Old Spice Guy. Ever wonder how he manages to get from place to place looking so effortlessly chic and great for the brand? Here’s a video to explain how our favourite ad man manages to take us on his scent vacation and a great chance to meet the people who help him on a technical level. Vid fans, audio engineers and video campaigners pay attention!

Personalisation of the web makes us dumber

This is verging on the Big Brother side of things and caught our eye. Click here to read the theory of Eli Pariser, the former executive director of MoveOn.org in a speech he gave in  California. What is the effect if Facebook filters out what it thinks the individual doesn’t need? Or if Google show us special results according to who we are? Perhaps we are unwittingly missing out on stuff, but are the internet giants even accountable for this? Tailoring is efficient but everyone needs to read things they wouldn’t necessarily choose. Is the internet suddenly beginning to close our minds rather than open them? Discuss.

Hi everyone,

We are determined our readers should be kept up to date on the latest issues in corporate social media. Read below to see bite size summaries of what’s hot in the space  – need innovative campaign inspiration? Having trouble engaging with Asia? Read on!

Asian firms are wary of social media

Two things here. First it is definitely worth taking a look at a recent survey by Burson Marsteller ‘Global Media Check up‘. It looks at how the Fortune Global 100 companies used the four main social media platforms in 2010, compared to 2009 and throws up some interesting points.

Secondly it is worth reading this article which has homed in on something fascinating within the study. Only 40 percent of Asia’s top companies use branded media channels like Facebook and Twitter for corporate marketing purposes. This is in comparison to 79 percent globally. And the reason? Culture. Reading this will also serve as a good reminder that each market develops differently in this respect. And don’t assume the UK are the best at it either…

Many brands continue to act “Me First”

A down to earth post about customer relations and the importance thereof. This post says customer relations are the best marketing there is. It asks if companies adequately reward or even recognise employees who take the time to solve problems. It also shows us a great video of when one comedy show turned the tables on a notoriously “Me First” phone operator.

Best Twitter case studies and innovative campaigns

Simply Zesty have provided us with yet another really helpful post. Following the success of their case studies on marketing through Facebook, they’ve gone and done the same on Twitter. Brilliant. Click here to see why Jeep , Orange and Levi’s all made the cut. They’ve even managed to get our old favourite the Old Spice Guy in.

Data mining  – the next frontier

An interesting post showing us the evolving nature of social media. For companies ahead of the curve, this tool is no longer  ‘another broadcast opportunity’ but a chance to analyse data. Technology now allows us not only to see customer profiles and historical buying patterns but to widen the spectrum of what we know about individuals such as hobbies and tastes. To see how to collect this data, how to avoid the pitfalls and how to make what you find useful, see here.

Get Free Chipotle Food for Watching NBC Promo on Facebook

They do say that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. In their latest campaign NBC are banking on the fact that it is also the way to get people watching their programmes. Harnessing the creativity of Chipotle (Mexican food), who have already had success with social media in a campaign last year, they are offering buy 1 get 1 free deals through Facebook for those who watch a 90 second promo trailer. Sounds good to us, can Innocent talk to the BBC perhaps?

Hi guys,

Lots of posts today – but I reckon this is the one I’m most excited about.

Our 2011 Corporate Social Media Summit New York has launched. And it’s bigger and better than 2010. I’m absolutely thrilled at how it has turned out – and that’s not me boasting, my colleague Will put it together.

Anyway, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, the conference is designed for you. Every speaker is from big business – no vendors or ‘gurus’. Every topic has been suggested by peers working on social media in-house. And 70%+ of our attendees are corporates, too.

There’s a brochure embedded below, and you can download a copy for yourself here: usefulsocialmedia.com/newyork. It’s worth taking a closer look:

  • 20+ expert speakers are sharing practical insight and best practice – including Coca Cola, Best Buy, Dell, American Express, Newell Rubbermaid, Dell, AT&T, Marriott, Whole Foods, Pfizer and plenty more
  • Every topic on the agenda is designed to help corporate social media practitioners in big business – we’re covering stuff like how to use social to enhance customer engagement; how to effectively embed social media throughout the business; assessing your social media impact; and how things will change over 2011
  • A genuine meeting of the corporate social media community – there were 170+ attendees at the 2010 event, and 70%+ were ‘corporate’. Companies attending included Sony, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Brands, Sears, Mars, General Motors, Frito-Lay, Amazon, US Bank, BAE Systems, Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson and Hertz
  • You can be confident this won’t be a waste of time – 95% of last year’s attended say they learnt useful stuff that they could apply back in the office. Sample feedback “I normally find social media events frustrating – they don’t provide content at my level. This event was different. I learned new things…because of the real world experience and expertise.” That’s from Kelly Feller, who’s Senior Social Media Strategist at Intel.

Anyway, all the info you need is at the website – www.usefulsocialmedia.com/newyork. There’s a brochure embedded below, and you can download your own copy here.

Hope that’s of use – and hope we’ll see you there…



Hi everyone,

After a long (slightly longer than planned, actually) gestation, the first State of Corporate Social Media briefing is ready and waiting to be downloaded. If you’ve already requested a copy, we’ll have one in your inbox today. If you haven’t, then you can grab your own copy (it’s totally free) here: usefulsocialmedia.com/stateofCSM

The briefing is based on the results of a survey we did in December of last year, with over 100 corporate social media practitioners – no vendors, no ‘social media gurus’, no students. Just practitioners doing this stuff daily in big companies. Pretty much like our conferences..

Anyway, we’ve ended up with a 32-page in-depth look at how companies are organising social media expertise, and how they plan leveraging social over the next year. Some of the questions we asked the community to tackle:

  1. How many members of staff work on social media for your business?
  2. Where do social media practitioners sit in your company?
  3. By how much will your budget for social media activity increase over 2011?
  4. What do you use social media for currently? How will that change over 2011?
  5. Do you feel confident that you’re accurately measuring the impact of your social media marketing?

Basically, if you work in corporate social media, it would probably be worth a look – will give you an idea what everyone else is doing, if nothing else!

There’s a quick sample below, and you can get the whole thing here: usefulsocialmedia.com/stateofCSM



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